After Rennovation Wide Angle
Full Audience After Rennovation
After Rennovation Choir

Several years ago, HLR Architects completed a large renovation of Immanuel Bible Church – a church and private school in Springfield, Virginia. At the time, the church wanted to renovate its sanctuary, but this was not possible due to budgetary constraints.

Fast forward to today, HLR Architects has the pleasure of fulfilling that long overdue wish of renovating the Immanuel Bible Church’s sanctuary.

The renovation’s starting point included replacing the HVAC units and revising the air distribution to improve the comfort level inside of the sanctuary. Additionally, new drywall was installed to cover the old, exposed brick.

Renovations on the platform included replacing inefficient choir risers with retractable risers for more flexibility, installing a new baptistery enclosure with a drop-down cover, installing a new “cloud” ceiling to improve sound projection from the platform to the congregation, and installing two large video screens.

This most recent renovation will complete the re-visioning of this prominent church’s facility.

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