Our experience as Architects draws from an extensive portfolio of projects, all the way from churches and schools to restaurants, banks, and office buildings, as well as libraries, courthouses, and health care facilities.  With experience in such a wide range of building types, we understand the different definitions of a successful building project for each of our clients. Our goal for every project is to meet and exceed our clients expectations. To learn more click on one of the building types below.


Over the years, HLR Architects has become well established as experts in master planning and design of religious facilities, multi-function facilities, private schools, and other buildings that serve large and small faith communities.

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Since the mid-1980s, HLR Architects has created an abundance of spaces where children and adults love to learn.  We understand the unique aspects involved in school design, and have formed countless long-term relationships with many public school districts and private school communities as a result of that.

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Institutional design can be an interesting challenge, since the projects are always in the public eye. At HLR, we provide excellent designs that meet our clients’ budget and timeline, while meeting their constituents’ needs.

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Commercial / Multi-family

Commercial buildings have specific needs – to provide a product that people want or need, and therefore can generate a profit for our clients.  Success for these clients is defined as designing spaces that are attractive and desirable, and meet both time and financial goals.

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