Who We Are

Over the years, Helbing Lipp Recny Architects has specialized in religious and educational facility design, however we have developed an extensive portfolio that includes commercial and retail projects, institutional and governmental buildings, offices, healthcare facilities, industrial/warehouse buildings, restaurants and multi-family housing. In recent years, we have added more renovation and addition projects to our portfolio. These clients often ask us to generate new master plans along with their addition or renovation, to set a vision for future development of their facilities.


As a small service-oriented design firm, we are committed to listening to each client and drawing from them what it is that will make their project a success.  Then we provide personalized, professional design services that make that success happen.  Our designs are concise and clear rather than contrived and complex.  Our spaces function to satisfy our clients’ program requirements. Our forms and spaces are distinctive, stimulating and inviting.  Each building reflects the unique nature of each client.

We intentionally keep the size of our firm in the 10 to 15 range, as this allows our Principals to provide personalized service to each of our clients, from the initial meeting to the completion of construction.  Our firm is blessed with a staff of passionate and energetic people. Our seasoned architects and designers are supported by a group of young emerging professionals, and we have a collaborative studio environment in which to develop your project and produce the documents necessary to construct it successfully.  And we have associated with a network of recognized engineering firms, specialty consultants, and general contractors who expand and reinforce our capabilities.

As our designs are developed, we recognize the importance of the technical aspect of design – our construction documents are excellent, and our designs are cognizant of the project budget.  We are very experienced in all types of project delivery – from traditional design/bid/build to design/build arrangements and fast-tracking – and we determine with our clients the best way to produce an excellent finished product.

The goal of each project we undertake is a clear and concise design solution to program requirements. We recognize that the project budget is always a controlling factor in the design process, and we meet this challenge while providing unique, distinctive, stimulating and inviting spaces. We also recognize the value of sustainable design in our projects, both for the environment as well as for the individuals using the building, and discuss those issues with our clients as each project is developed.

The famous German architect Mies Van der Rohe once said “God is in the details.”  This statement reflects a final important guiding principle of our practice. The attention to the details of your project from beginning to end, no matter how small, is what separates us from many other firms, and this attention is essential to the success of all our projects.