Educational Facilities


Since the mid-1980s, HLR Architects has created an abundance of spaces where children and adults love to learn.  We understand the unique aspects involved in school design, and have formed countless long-term relationships with many public school districts and private school communities as a result of that.

Our portfolio includes new construction and additions, as well as multi-year phased renovations, which occur while the school is occupied.  In these projects, keeping the students and staff safe as the new building emerges around them is paramount. Equally important, as technology evolves, so do we along with our designs, to be flexible with new future developments.

We have designed classroom additions, specialty labs and fine-arts spaces, gymnasiums and outdoor athletic facilities, as well as support facilities (like bus maintenance garages), all of which keep the school system running well. In 2021, with health concerns at an all time high, and recent upgraded security issues, we see school design evolving and are adapting our designs in response.

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