Commercial / Multi-family Buildings

Jefferson Crossing Apts 2
Silver Diner Restaurant

Commercial buildings have specific needs – to provide a product that people want or need, and therefore can generate a profit for our clients.  Success for these clients is defined as designing spaces that are attractive and desirable, and meet both time and financial goals.

Our firm has designed retail stores, restaurants, and banks, as well as office buildings and fit-outs, warehouses, and more.  We have 30-plus year partnerships with national fast food restaurant chains, financial institutions, and retail chains.  We also work with local small chains as well as individual businesses.  Additionally, we work with residential developers in the design of new apartment buildings, and renovating older buildings to bring them back to life. Commercial clients define success as being on time, on budget, and having no serious issues during construction.  Here at HLR, we strive to meet these goals for every client while creating excellent design.

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